Monday, February 11, 2013

Great Facebook Pages

Great Facebook Pages

In our brief history of being on Facebook, we have come across some good people with great Facebook pages.  We will be sharing some of these pages on a regular basis.  Please allow us to introduce: 

Top Left:  Assist Social Media     by:  Elizabeth L. Maness
+Elizabeth L. Maness
Social Media Management | Branding Helping take care of Social Media for you so you have time to take care of Business Follow Us on Twitter!/ElizbethlManess
Mission:  To give companies the time to do what they need to run their business and leave their online client care to me.
Description:  Elizabeth Maness is Social Media Strategist that specialize in using social media platforms to increase your company’s presence online and connect and interact with local clients and potential customers. experienced in marketing, sales, social media management, blogging, SEO copywriting, blog development, and much more. 
Social Media And Your Business:  If you do not have a strong Social Media presence you are missing a large part of your marketing mix, as it has become the most important tool for businesses to connect and maintain loyal customers. That is where using Social Media Strategists come in to make it happen for you.
Gone are the days of force-feeding your potential clients ads and other strong sales pitch-type marketing strategies (outbound marketing). Inbound marketing is the way to go. I can help you build strong websites that search engines will love and will get you noticed, I can help you create traffic to your website using social media and blogging techniques that have worked for our own business. Customers will now find you instead of you working so hard to find them. 
Social Media Marketing Mix: I offer small business consulting, social media management and development, blog development and management, SEO copywriting services, and a fresh perspective on how to connect with your intended audience. (Facebook 'About' text).

Top Right:   Profile Tree     Google Plus:  +Profile Tree
It can be very time consuming and frustrating to find local suppliers of needed services online. Many small businesses do not have a website, do not appear in search engines or display their services in a very poor way on their website. As a consumer we do not know if they provide a service that our friends believe is excellent or just okay! This is what ProfileTree is for - it lists local services in an easy to search, read and review format. See who your friends recommend - what services they offer and what payment methods they take. ProfileTree offers its listing service for small business owners for free, and anyone can come to the site and search for their local business. ProfileTree LLP is an independent company devoted to nothing but serving the local community. Helping small business find customers - and helping people like you find the local services you want. (Website 'About' text).

Bottom Left:  Raising Compassion     

The Intention: To ignite the hearts & minds of people worldwide and inspire them to live more compassionately to create peace and harmony for themselves and others.
Mission:  To increase the flow of compassion in the world by having at least 10 million people intentionally living compassionately day by day – not just in times of extreme trauma and disaster.
Description:  Living compassionately means:  actively & deliberately choosing a reordering of one’s actions and perceptions. It’s a deliberate shift of thoughts from judgement, worry, comparisons, competition, concern, scarcity and fear to expressions and thoughts of appreciation, awe, kindness, care, love, abundance, generosity, joy & presence.
Why live compassionately?
It restores (y)our own being (self) and creates the space for others to feel acknowledged, appreciated and experience the feelings of acceptance and love. 
It will also enhance the opportunity to shift us into the state of acceptance of all that is. All that is, is all that is, no-thing right & no-thing wrong. There will be no need for us to question, clarify, categorize or label any-thing, unless we want to deliberately add some meaning to what’s unraveling and being presented before you. 
Whatever is happening before you is an opportunity for integration, a lesson, an insight to bring you into perfect balance and harmony within… where peace, love, joy, appreciation and humility reside.  (Facebook 'About' text).

Bottom Right:  Remi Vladuceanu     by:  Remi Vladuceanu
+Remi Vladuceanu
“Social marketing eliminates the middlemen, providing brands the unique opportunity to have a direct relationship with their customers.” - Bryan Weiner, CEO at Digital Agency 360i.
Biography:  Official fan page of Remi Vladuceanu where he shares his experience about Social Media, Community Building, Online Influence, Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and more! (Facebook 'About' text).

Top Left:  Happy Family Academy   by:  Michele Eisenberg
+Michele Eisenberg
The Happy Family Academy was founded to teach people the foundational skills they need to create happiness and healthy relationships – from the inside out. We offer positive parenting solutions to grow thriving children in happy families. We teach a style of discipline and parenting that stops negative behaviors while building love and trust between parent and child. The result? A relationship where both parent and child are motivated and empowered to make choices that work for themselves and for the family. Parents feel better and so do their kids!  (Facebook 'About' text).

Top Right:  Michael Q Todd   by:  Michael Q Todd
+Michael Q Todd
Hi thanks for coming by my page! This is a place for you to ask questions about social media and Japan. View all my other social places at (Facebook 'About' text).

Bottom Left:  Live The Life You Desire   by:  Malcolm Charlaw
Helping to Inspire, Teach and Guide Others to the life they were and are meant to live!  Everyone is born with the same opportunities, no matter where they are. They present themselves in different ways. The trick is to learn how to see them, then once seen, to take hold and make use of the opportunity. A lot of 'unlearning' and 'relearning' needs to be done. Unfortunately, there has been a lot of 'what' to think and not enough of 'how' to think. When was the last time you had an original thought that were not influenced by anyone else, as in, what you believe, feel, think and so on....?  (Facebook 'About' text).

Bottom Right:  Paying it forward - the ripple effect   by:  Carly Alyssa Thorne
+Carly Alyssa Thorne
A Place to Post Positive, Inspirational, Empowering Quotes, Pics, Videos, Ideas.
Mission: To help Inspire, Empower, Educate, Share, Collaborate with others...  
Description: Paying it Forward The Ripple Effect is beyond All Demographics, Economics, Geography, Race, Gender, Disabilities...

Anyone can Pay It Forward even from a Hospital Bed.
Example: I recently had a Full Knee Replacement even from my Hospital Bed I still gave out Pay it Forward Bracelets and Even honored a Prior commitment and while still in severe pain wheeled myself in my wheelchair out to the Patio to do a One Hour Pay It Forward Radio Interview.

Life is all about Choices:
-To Smile or not
-To overcome or not
-To Give or Hoard
-To Forgive or Hate
-To be a Victim the rest of your life or to Choose to Use Your
experiences to Empower others.
(Facebook 'About' text).

Blog by:  Scott Glaze (Arab Pest Control)
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