Who Are We

Who Are We?

Such a simple question, such a long history...

In 1929, a man by the name of Dr. Allen founded Federal Chemical Company, Inc. He had realized the widespread popularity of oriental rugs at the time and their vulnerability to insect attack. A brilliant chemist, Dr. Allen developed a product to control a variety of insects, especially carpet beetles and moths, thereby protecting these sometimes priceless rugs from damage. He then hired several men to apply this new formula and thus the seeds of a service company were planted.

He now had the product, but it needed a name. He knew the name had to be original, colorful, distinctive, and descriptive. After much thought, he originated the name Arab (pronounced A' rab).  A term derived, in this case, from the theme of the Arabian Nights. The new label had a certain romantic flair, giving illusions of flying Persian carpets and still other mysteries of the East.

From that day forward, people have been intrigued by the name while at the same time realizing that it truly is a standard of excellence.

(Right) Founder Dr. Allen & Co-Founder Herman B. Jordan (Left) of Arab Termite & Pest Control
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